I've dabbled in inventing things, and have had one or two almost-breakthroughs. These books complement my creativity collection very well. And even if you're not an inventor, you'll find interesting stuff here on innovation.

Eureka! The Entrepreneurial Inventor’s Guide to Developing, Protecting, and Profiting From Your Ideas

by Robert J. Gold

For everyone who’s ever had a great idea but didn't know what to do with it. Remarkably useful and complete guide takes you from brainstorming to market, with checklists to guide you through each process. A must-have for inventors.

Inventing Small Products

by Stanley I. Mason

Insightful examination of the process of inventing small-scale, useful and very saleable products. Outlines how to become a professional inventor, demonstrating through examples.

That’s a Great Idea! The New Product Handbook

by Tony Husch and Linda Foust

How to evaluate, protect, develop, and sell new product ideas. About creating new consumer products. How to get the ideas and how to put them to work.

Great Idea! Now What?

by Howard Bronson and Peter Lange

Turn your idea, invention or business concept into a money-making success. Includes an easy-to-follow workbook to help you profit from your ideas. Shows you how to develop, test, market and sell your idea without huge financial risk.

Gameplan: The Game Inventor’s Handbook

by Steve Peek

Covers all the bases in creating a game and getting it on the shelves, plus all the steps in between. A wealth of useful information here. Great book.