This is a collection of books straddling my esoteric, business, and writing shelves.

The New Diary

by Tristine Rainer

How to use a journal for self guidance and expanded creativity. Helps you use a journal to tap into the full power of your inner resources. Clarify goals, visualise your future, focus your energies, free your intuition and imagination, explore your dreams, your past, your present life.

The Craft of Copywriting

by Alastair Crompton

The best book I’ve read on how to succeed in generating ideas for advertising. A must-read, no matter what industry you’re in. This book gives the practical tools for generating ideas that sell other ideas. Improve your ability to communicate and generate better ideas.

Graphic Design Made Difficult

by Bob Gill

About using problem-definition redefinition to solve problems. Amazing insight, potently delivered with many superb graphic design solutions and the thinking that led to them. Based on the premise that the more unique the statement of the problem, the more unique the solution will be. Stunning stuff. I love this book.

Selling for Dummies

by Tom Hopkins

This book is the most important book you’ll buy. I advise that you get it before you get any other in this bibliography. It teaches you how to sell, which is the most basic skill you need when conveying your ideas to others. You will not find a better book on how to achieve personal success. Get this book. It’s the secret to everything you need.