It's not good enough JUST being creative. You've got to DO stuff with your creativity if you want to use it for money and fame and upping your babe-count. Awesome books for you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Rules for Revolutionaries

by Guy Kawasaki with Michael Moreno

Create like a god. Command like a king. Work like a slave. The three principles of the Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services. This dude is the real thing. He made Apple Macintosh famous. Battle-tested lessons to help you turn your revolutionary zeal into visionary success. Buy this book.

Selling the Dream

by Guy Kawasaki

How to promote your product, company, or ideas — and make a difference — using everyday evangelism. Yup. He’s converted religious evangelism techniques to business use. Awesome. A handbook and workbook for putting the techniques to work for your ideas. Another one to buy.

New Entrepreneur’s Guidebook

by Paul F. McClure

Offers a proven framework for growing a business from start-up to maturity. Discover the repeatable patterns in your business and put them into an understandable framework before they slip away. How to manage the task of innovation through the different phases of business growth.


by Tom Gorman

Using a variety of skills and a series of careers to succeed. Career strategy that provides techniques for managing a flexible “chameleon” career. Multiple careers are essential to success, and this book shows you how you can change your life to manage risk aggressively.

The Joy of Working

by Denis Waitley and Reni L. Witt

The 30-day system to success, wealth, and happiness on the job. The key to personal profit, productivity and prosperity is enjoyment — enjoying your life and your work. Practical down-to-earth guide makes it easy for you to put the “joy factor” into your everyday life, making work a great place to be.

The Circle of Innovation

by Tom Peters

You can’t shrink your way to greatness. With business in a state of perpetual flux, constant innovation is the only survivla strategy. This book shows you how to take responsibility as an individual for making the most of the chaos of the new world order. Provocative book.

Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity

by John Kao

Helps you learn how to manage creativity, how to organise for creative results. Those who willingly implement new ideas thrive. Managers can stimulate creativity like musicians jamming.


by David P. Sorenson

A hands-on guide to developing an innovation culture in any organisation. Designed to help managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs create the kind of atmosphere that encourages constant effort to find new answers, new ideas and new products.